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Peter Kragh

Emmy Award winner 2013 for Outstanding Cinematography on Nat Geo Untamed Americas

Selection of Credits:

Journey to the South Pacific /  IMAX / MacGilivray Freeman Films

Untamed Americas / National Geographic

Secret life of Predators / National Geographic

Under the Sea 3D / IMAX 3D

Life / BBC

Deep Sea 3D / IMAX 3D

Planet Earth / BBC

Valley of Sharks / Living Oceans Foundations

Hubble 3D / IMAX 3D

Wild Wild West / National Geographic

Reef Wranglers / Gurney Productions / Discovery

Humpback Whales / IMAX / MacGillivray Freeman Films

Black December /Gurney/Discovery

Shark City / Gurney/Discovery

Battle of Giants, Off the Fence / National Geographic

Jurassic Arctic, National Geographic

Ultimate Guide to Shark Attacks / Gurney/Discovery

Transparent Ocean, Burning Gold/National Geographic

I’m Alive, Gurney Productions/Animal Planet

Inside Natures Giants, Windfall Films

Blue Planet / BBC

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